James C. Robertson PhD

NIH IRACDA NY-CAPS Postdoctoral Scholar, Stony Brook University


CASP13 Conference

New Paper in JCTC: MELD x MD Folds Nonthreadables, Giving Native Structures and Populations

Stony Brook University Postdoc Spotlight

Research and Discovery in STEM at SBU

IRACDA 2018 Conference at Emory University

Preparing Future Faculty

IRACDA Journal Club

Blue Waters Symposium

ACS Spring Meeting in NOLA

NIH K99/R00 Grant Writing Workshop

Lab Manual Review Committee at Suffolk County Community College

Teaching General Chemistry at SUNY Old Westbury


Guest Lecture for Physical and Quantitative Biology

Share Your Science Course Completed

NSF XSEDE Startup Allocation Awarded


Our new NCSA Blue Waters allocation "Protein Structure Prediction" begins August 1st.

"Scientists Teaching Science" course completed

Teaching at Suffolk County Community College Fall 2017

O Canada!

Simons Summer Research Fellow in the Dill Lab

Southampton Writing Workshops

IRACDA 2017 Conference in Birmingham, AL

Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science Bootcamp

CIE Alumni Career Panel

The Louis and Beatrice Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology Annual Retreat

Implicit Bias: An Obstacle to Achieving Diversity Webinar


IRACDA Pedagogy Workshops

IRACDA Journal Club Considering the Role of Affect in Learning: Monitoring Students’ Self-efficacy, Sense of Belonging, and Science Identity

Teaching Assistant for Physical and Quantitative Biology at SBU


Adopted Frankie

New Lab, New Computer

Moving to Long Island

New paper: Assessing the Current State of Amber Force Field Modifications for DNA published in JCTC

University of Utah College of Pharmacy Convocation

Awarded the $5000 Wolf Prize

Doctoral defense

IRACDA NY-CAPS Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stony Brook University

ACS Spring Meeting 2016 in San Diego, CA


Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium, Boulder, CO

New paper, DNA Backbone BI/BII Distribution and Dynamics in E2 Protein-Bound Environment Determined by Molecular Dynamics Simulations, was published in JCPB

A Big Moment in My Life

I Joined the University of Utah College of Pharmacy Student Advisory Committee for Retention, Promotion, and Tenure


Guest Lecturer, Organic Medicinal Chemistry

International Society for Quantum Biology and Pharmacology Meeting, Telluride, CO

Bryce Canyon 50k

Move to Cheatham Lab

Biophysical Society Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Teaching Assistant for Physiological Chemistry II


First Paper with Baron Lab, Expanding the Druggable Space of the LSD1/CoREST Epigenetic Target: New Potential Binding Regions for Drug-Like Molecules, Peptides, Protein Partners, and Chromatin, was Published in PLoS Comp Biol

AAAS Meeting in Las Vegas, NV

50k Run


Poster and Talk at SC12

First Marathon

Utah Bioscience Symposium Poster Presentation

Join Riccardo Baron's Lab

New paper, Improved Coiled-coil Design Enhances Interaction with Bcr-Abl and Induces Apoptosis, was published in Mol. Pharm.

Research Rotations Continued...


Research Rotations at Utah


Heading to Utah for Graduate School

ACS Spring Meeting, Anaheim, CA


Senior Research at SOU

NSF REU at Coe College

Coyner Graf Scholarship


Organic Chemistry Student Mentor


Western Mycorrhiza Gathering, Flagstaff, AZ

First Research Experience